Rappelez-vous le Bataclan! – Is there a 21st Century Battle of Tours Coming?

19 Nov


On November 13, 2015, The citizens and visitors in Paris went about their planned activities.  They went to dinner, chatted with friends, and enjoyed the late fall weather in the City of Lights.  Many attended a Soccer ‘friendly’ match between France and Germany in Le Stade de France, a stadium with massive 81,000 seat capacity.  Others, enjoying an evening of clubbing attended a concert by an American band, “The Eagles of Death Metal” at le Bataclan concert venue.  By all appearances, a very typical Friday evening in the Capital City of a Western European Nation.

Then, at around 9:40 PM, while the Concert was in progress, the Loud music was suddenly punctuated by automatic rifle fire.  At nearly the same time, a large explosion rocked the night just outside Le Stade de France, drawing the attention of the crowd, including the French President, from the action on the pitch.  Shortly thereafter, other gunfire raked a street of curbside cafe’s nearby.  In a matter of minutes, the peace had been shattered, the City gripped in chaos.

Over the next hours and days, evidence began to assemble into a terrifying picture:  For the second time in a year, the peace and security of France’s capital city had been torn asunder by the actions of Terrorists, this time at the behest of ISIS.  120+ citizens and visitors all innocently going about their lives had been brutally murdered by cowards.  As of this writing, the French Government has responded rapidly by unleashing all of it’s internal security forces to run down any lead, to sever any link whatsoever to the Syrian-based terror group.  Additionally, French armed forces began airstrikes against ISIS held territory.

But after the second time in a year, the French and all Europeans need to ask themselves “Is it enough?”  Over the last months, thousands upon thousands of “refugees” have made their way to the European mainland.  Various press reports and photographs along with reports from government agencies repo

rt that the bulk of the Muslims proporting to be fleeing War in Syria are in-fact military age males.  Is this simple escape from War, or is it something more sinister?

It’s my opinion that French and all Europeans ought to take a hard look at the events of the past.  As a student of History, I would recommend starting with the Battle of Tours, fought on October 10, 732 A.D.  This Battle from the long past was THE key in Europe remaining free and Christianity being able to grow and spread.

In this Battle, a massive Muslim army attempting to conquer the free lands of Europe and spread Islam to form a Caliphate were soundly defeated by Frankish (Predecessor Kingdom to France) King Charles Martel.  Suffice it to say, the conditions surrounding what led up to this battle were shockingly similar to what Europe is experiencing now.  For a complete history of the battle, visit this site: Battle of Tours

Christianity and the Western way of Life are under assault currently in Europe.  If it’s not civil unrest spawned by the selfish, short-sightedness of the Social Justice Warrior (European Edition), it’s certainly being threatened by the Muslim hordes that have begun to pack into Europe and refuse to assimilate the cultures of the countries they settle in.  While it is true, that all people should have a chance to live in peace, do not be fooled by the Wolves in Sheep’s clothing!

I will close with this:  The press, both American and European, is flooding the story space surrounding the Paris Attacks and the “Refugee” crisis with nothing but Leftist, Liberal talking points and demanding that European Nations as well as the United States “Have a Heart” and take in every “Refugee” without investigation into whom they are and the truth behind their stories.  People of Europe, this has happened before!  Mind your History.  If the Battle of Tours is too far in the past to register, then maybe this will:

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”     –Adolph Hitler

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