27 Nov



In a way, its’ name is almost soothing.

God-given blessing falling from the sky.  In the fall and winter, providing the final sips to the earth as it falls into the cold and death-like darkness of winter.

In the spring, nourishment for life beginning anew….a spark to start the heavenly breathed birthing of flowers, trees, plants and grass.  A life sustaining force for all animal life.

Seeing the rain can give rise to many different emotions.  Depending on the season of life one is in it can be cause for joy, sadness, or even relief.

The feeling of rain hitting one’s skin can be irritating for some, while a welcome cleansing for others.

Too much rain can bring ruin, death, destruction, and suffering through floods or violent storms

Too little rain can change the face of the earth.  It can make a prosperous farmer into a desert dweller.  It can bring nations to their knees through starvation as crops depended upon for food cease to grow.

As I watch and listen to it fall this Thanksgiving, I think not of the impending darkness and cold of winter, but rather let the simple soothing hiss of the drops hitting the roof wash over me.  It is as though God is whispering “Peace” while washing things clean in his glorious yet gentle way.

Psalm 72:6   May he come down like rain upon the mown grass, Like showers that water the earth.

So I choose to give thanks among the many other things for the rain.  Lord we are so thankful for this heavenly gift.  I am thankful for the soothing peace it lays over the land like a blanket.

Please, let it rain…

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