15 Feb

homeward bound


Where do you call home?

What makes yours?


It’s more than just a fixed point.

Another phase along a scrolling timeline you’ve come to know as life

This is where your family grows

Your passion lies

Where do you call home?

The answer is here.

(Courtesy Kansas State University)

I had the occasion to meet up with a neighbor from my childhood for dinner tonight.  She’s been gone from the town we grew up in for more than 20 years, building and experiencing life.  But, as fate would have it, she’s now returned home.

After our wonderful dinner and chat, it made me think about the word ‘Home’ and all that it entails.  Is it something stripped down to refer only to a structure in which you live?  Or is it much, much more?

To me, Home elicits many thoughts, emotions, feelings.  Many people, many memories of days recent as well as those long gone by.

For some, it’s summed up in a nice, neat package by the old saying “Home is where the Heart is.”  Sadly, for others, it’s a lack of belonging, pain and loss.  Most of us have a Home where its’ safe and comfortable from the world outside.  To others, it’s an ethereal dream…out there just out of reach.

But home isn’t just a structure, it’s also where our lives have meaning.  Where familiar places and people weave a comfortable tapestry which provide meaning and support for our lives.  Our Dreams.  Our Purpose.  Our Legacy.

No matter where our paths may take us in life, Home is always there.  It patiently waits, softly beckoning like the Lighthouse in a storm “Here is Peace.  Here is Safety, Come and rest.”

Pigeon Point lighthouse USA, California, Big Sur

So, to my childhood neighbor:

‘Welcome Home’

For everyone else, when life seems troubled and your dreams seem far away, remember where you came from.  Remember your Home.

Where Do You Call Home?

The answer is there.

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