Freedom from above: The thunderous silence of silk

06 Jun


0:00 to 0:300 – Normandy France

On a partly cloudy night, over a land torn by war, freedom arrived.  Borne on the backs of young men from thousands of miles away, the armed might of the allied armies arrived:  Not in a sudden, overwhelming impact, but rather silently as though the very breath of Death’s scythe.

The first steps in the freeing of France and the rest of Europe from the Nazi reign, arrived with the American 82nd and 101st Airborne and British 6th Airborne Divisions.  Transported by hundreds of aircraft, these troopers bravely stepped into the black void, not knowing for certain what awaited in Mother Earth’s grasp below.

Put yourself in their boots. 72 years ago:  Fear……cold.  Thunderous explosions of anti-aircraft artillery.  Helplessness.  Determination.  Exhilaration.  Confusion.  Bravery.  Resolve.


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