Seven Days in September

06 Sep


15 Septembers.

This week marks the 15th September since America changed forever.

Seven days before, September 5, was a Wednesday.  A typical middle-of-the -week day, work, school, the wrapping up of Summer activities.  Beginning to look forward to fall and the Holiday seasons.  Regular.  Routine.  Normal.

In 2001, little did we know that in the space of one week from today, the world as we knew it would be changed forever.

What lessons have we and the world learned in the intervening years since 2001?  Is the world a safer place, or a place of more unrest and strife than ever?

In the hope of bringing the events of September 11 and the days prior to it back into the consciousness of anyone who read it, last year I wrote a few articles concerning the last 3 days prior to the September 11th attacks.  This was such a turning point in the life of this Nation and the World, I’m going to do my best to make it a full week this year.

We owe it to those who 15 years ago were living their version of the ‘American Dream’ with no end in sight, to truly live out the promise to ‘Never Forget’, so easily spoken post 9/11 but sadly also so easily forgotten.  This week should forever be a week of remembrance, to learn about those taken so violently and the lives they left behind.  The importance of this is not a refreshing of the tears for those that remain, but rather to put the rightful respect and honor for each and every one of the innocent lives back into the forefront of our collective memories and hearts.

For what is in our hearts is what is truly treasured, treasured, respected, and acted upon.  If we meant those words of remembrance each of the last 15 years, we know that much work remains to be done.  Work to re-solidify the foundations of this country.  Work to reset the view of Liberty and Freedom in our own eyes, those of the world, and within our own souls.


My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.

-Abraham Lincoln


What is past is prologue.”

-William Shakespear


In 2001, as the Sun set:  The World Trade Center had 144 Hours left in existence.

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