Seven Days in September – Day 4

08 Sep


The day is Friday, September 7th, 2001.

With a palpable sense of relief, everyone relishes in the knowledge that the weekend is here.  This first weekend of the fall promises good weather, as the threat of the Atlantic storm has passed.  The weekend promises enjoyment of typical American pastimes, Watching the surging Yankees, the beginning of the new College Football season, shopping, family outings, and other ways that modern life in America affords us enjoyment.

In Boston, several strangers empty their US bank accounts they’ve had since arriving in the country for flight training.  Any left over funds are given to a man named ‘Mohammed’ for wire transfer to their families in their home countries.  Others leave their hotels to enjoy local restaurants and drink alcohol, which is forbidden by their religion, but because of their tasking in a few days they figure is acceptable.

As the city empties of workers and dusk falls, the World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan have seen their last peaceful Friday.  In less than one work week’s time, the skyline many have gotten so used to and believe will never change, will be wholly unrecognizable.

As the sun goes down and the weekend starts, the World Trade Center has less than 96 hours left.


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