Seven Days in September – Day 2, Evening

10 Sep


Sunday evening. The heat dissipates as the sun sinks in the Western sky. In this early part of September, while some may be ready for the weather to change, others cling to every ray of Sunshine in hopes of delaying the inevitable arrival of colder Fall winds.

As families retire indoors, they undertake normal Sunday tasks: Having Dinner, Completing Homework, attending Sports practices, and other normal activities of American life. Others start to think about what must beaccomplished tomorrow when the work week begins anew. Same pattern as the week before, and the one prior to that. Normal American life, safe in an established routine.

For 19 men, however, an Ill wind blows: For they are not of this land, the routine and belief structure foreign and in their hearts, despicable. Tomorrow, they will return to a routine that to them is familiar….. comfortable. They will spend the day in prayer to their God. The last day they will ever see the rising and setting of the sun on this earth.

As of Midnight tonight, the World Trade Center has 32 hours left in existence.

It is the evening of September 9, 2001

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