Seven Days in September – Day 2

10 Sep



 It’s Morning. The beautiful, Sunny type of Morning common for the very early beginning of the Fall in the U.S. Today promises to be a mild day, with temperatures touching the low 80s with a light breeze.
Between now and Noon, Millions of Americans will get dressed and leave their homes to attend Worship Services at their local Churches. Others will sleep in, preferring a slow start to their Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday, and with it begins another work week.
Children all over the Nation are also enjoying their Sunday….most hope the day doesn’t end, as School has begun and Tomorrow means a return to the classroom. College Football and the NFL are just getting started, so for many the excitement of the season to come is palatable.
In New York City, there are plenty of tourists around. Many are taking advantage of the last bit of Summer and the weekend to enjoy the sights of the city, including the Magnificent World Trade Center Complex in lower Manhattan.
By Lunchtime, the World Trade Center will have less than 48 hours left.
The date is September 9, 2001.
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