Seven Days in September – Day 1, Evening

11 Sep


Monday Evening. Finally, the first day of the week is over. Meetings were held, letters were written, trades were consummated. A full day complete.

An early evening shower dampens the spirits of those lucky enough to hold tickets to the Yankees vs Red Sox game. All are looking forward to Ace Pitcher Rodger Clemens taking on his old team.

A few take their Supper at Windows on the World, where they dine while taking in a view that lasts forever.


In Boston, MA., Herndon, VA., and Newark, NJ., Nineteen Wraiths are not focused on the immediate. They follow their Suras, lost in prayer. They make peace with the actions they will undertake.

As the second storm of the evening arrives, washing out the Yankees game, the Sun sets on the World Trade Center for the final time. Built only 29 years prior, the landmark has as of 8:00 pm, 12 hours left in existence.


It is evening on September 10, 2001

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