It’s Morning Again, In America….

10 Nov


When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.   -Marcus Aurelius


The sun rises.  The Dawn of a New Day.

Symbolizing New Birth, a New Beginning, a Clean Slate, Morning is one of the most beautiful times of the day.

Yes, it’s Morning Again in America.

Soon, families will begin to start their days.  New opportunities as bright and varied as the rays of the rising sun will appear.  Those who understand the source and root of those opportunities will bow their head in prayers of Thanksgiving, for much thanks is owed.

What gifts does each sun-kissed dawn bring to you?  Have you stopped to realize?

Are you blessed with a spouse and/ or children?  What would life be like without them?

Do you arise safe under a solid roof in a comfortable bed?  Do you have plenty to eat?

Do you have a job to give your hands enough to stay occupied?

Do you have wonderful memories?  Do you have opportunity?

If we have even a sliver of any of these things, then we are truly rich.  Truly blessed.

Yes, in this Land a plenty, we are blessed.  Each day grants us the most important blessing:  opportunity.  We can make each day into what we choose.  We can spend each day work for us, and the good of our families, communities, and Nation.

I believe it is long past time, in this age, that we Americans begin again to make a habit of taking a knee and giving thanks to God for his Blessing, His Guidance, His Providence, His Protection, and His Mercy.  For this land we call home, with all it’s abundance and opportunity could only be part of a larger plan.  A plan we can’t possibly fathom in its magnificence.

It’s Morning Again in America.

What will YOU do with your Blessed new beginning?




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