A New Year: A New Hope

27 Dec


As we leave the past year behind, many are likely feeling emotions ranging from relief and weariness, to hopelessness and fear.  This isn’t specific to just 2016, it is the same story year after year.  What’s behind what we feel at the end of each year?  Do we see the end of each year as a finish-line to which we strive as though in a race?  Do we allow ourselves to become so busy with work and life commitments that we don’t take the time to ‘stop and smell the roses’? Or, conversely, do we find peace and satisfaction with our lives and our accomplishments in the here and now but look to the future with growing anxiety and dread?

Most people probably don’t fit into one of the above categories perfectly.  In fact, most probably have a mixture of these in their lives.  As varied as we all are, there is one thing we can work to include more of in our lives:  Hope.

Hope is more that a simple wish.  Rather, it is more of a confident expectation.  Hope is what can fuel us and our lives to new heights and a more satisfying outcome.  But the very best thing about Hope, is that it’s something that can be passed on to a stranger.  To bless another life.

If we have hope, we can reach out to a stranger to provide comfort.  We can be open to meeting new people and experiences.  Our mindset can change, and make our responses to others be those of peace and tranquility.  Our thoughts can turn from irritation and anger, to joy and thoughtfulness.

Hope does these things, because Hope breeds Love.

How much better would the world be if the next time we saw someone lonely, we sat and introduced ourselves?  How much hope could we each spread, if we committed a simple act of kindness by paying for the next car in line at the Drive Through?  Or, when a friend or loved-one speaks to us in a rude or uncaring way, simply say “I just want you to know that I care about you, and if there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.”

We are all given our lives for a reason.  Some will discover a purpose, some will not.  But while we are here, have we experienced someone else giving us hope?  Stop and think……..


Since the beginning of time,

At the end of each day, the sun sets, and with it comes the darkness

But that darkness inevitably ends, bringing the dawn.  The light of a New Day.

With that first ray of sunshine comes promise, the Hope of a new day.


Who can use your New Light?  Who needs to receive your Hope?


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