The Present Sadness: Experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul

22 Mar

It’s been on my heart since hearing the message at my church on Sunday, that I needed to put some thoughts down on this subject.  At this time, I have nothing to grieve in a major sense in life.  Sure, there have been disappointments lately, but nothing I can’t handle.

But I know that some of my friends, both close and acquaintance have experienced major loss or major change in their lives.  I think that in our society, we are taught that grief comes only when a major, earth-rocking loss happens:

-The Death of a Loved one

-The severing of a Marriage or an important relationship

-The loss of a job

But, isn’t it more?  I like the thoughts our pastor gave:  “In every change, there is loss and every loss longs to be grieved.”

Think on this….

Do we actually grieve every loss we should?  Do we ever finish the grieving and become ok with the loss?  What happens if we just shove the feelings  that scream out to be dealt with, just so we can move on?  What happens if we must move on before we are ready, because we have others depending on us?

I hope if any of the above fits you, or you are just curious, that you will take the time to watch the message here:

It is a down-to-earth explanation of grief, loss, and how we can get through it.  I hope in some small way that it can help you.


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